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A great alumni site has come along that allows you to create your own pages, upload your photos and music, and easily join classes and discussion groups. The KAHS Alumni website had the intentions of offering that, however, it required a great deal of programming that was already available for free. This website will continue to run, and you can continue to keep your name and email listed, in case someone is searching for you. Updates will be at a minimal, however, if you have something that needs to be posted or an event that you want posted, we will gladly do that for you. Also, you can continue to post messages to this sites message board.


Also, several alumni are listed on Facebook, under the group Kaiserslautern American High School, be sure to check that out as well.


It all started back in 1953

Kaiserslautern High School began its history in 1952 in a converted apartment building across the street from the present location in Vogelweh, in the Western Area Command (WACOM), then known as the French zone of a Germany that was divided among the four occupying powers.

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    You can now leave a message for all raiders to view. Or use your individual class pages to post news, photos and recent accomplishments and awards.

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    Check here often for the latest happenings with K-TOWN Alumni, Faculty and upcoming reunions.

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